Our Treatment Principles

Each team has distinguishing features in compare to others

The company's mission, vision plays here a role but more important are the main features of the service providers

In the medical field and especially when it comes to medical & beauty surgery abroad, some more significant points have to be considered

The medical experience, reassurance, foreign language / languages, knowing different cultures, empathy ability, strong interpersonal relationship skills, organizational ability, rapid and accurate decision-making capabilities, a comprehensive assessment ability, responsibility etc. are of great importance

The first impression by phone, or even by email differences between the patient handling can be observed

We are proud of the positive feedbacks from our patients, which you may also reach from the internet under our company name Hygieia Turkey or Assist.Prof. Dr. Esma Demirezen

Our team has rich experience in cosmetic surgery and hair transplant, and charecterize itself with trusty, reliabel, empatic, humanistic aproach

www.cosmetichairturkey , is part of Hygieia Turkey (www.hygieiaturkey.com) with cosmetic surgery, antiaging, hair transplant focus

Cosmetichairturkey was funded and lead by Assist Prof Dr Esma Demirezen with same principles and perspective like Hygieia Turkey

On the top of the Cosmetichairturkey web site, left side we emphasize EU Standards & ED Principles clearly. The EU standards are very clear but what about the ED principles

What are the ED principles ?

As a person not from the medical field, when doing research for a cosmetic surgery, treatment abroad its natural that you might focuse on advertisements, TV programs, thinckin those who offen seen on the screen are the best teams, view of the hospitals and team images and also prices

However, a surgery decision and especially going abroad for a cosmetic surgery, hair transplant and other tretaments is a important decision and not only the price other points also have to be considered.

At this point our team under the management of Assist Prof Dr Esma Demirezen consider the most important points in treatment planing, performance and after care which in global builds the ED criterias.   

Some of these are;  

- Treatments are performed at hospitals that meet certain criterias

- What we consider for you? Operating room conditions, qualifications and experience of the anesthesia team, intensive care facility, patient comfort room, nursing services, other personnel services, etc..

- Treatments from our own team members

- Only preferred, trust brands in prostheses etc.

- No low quality or second hand prosthesis use (for exampel in Breast augmentataion ) etc. these are OUT OF QUESTION  

- Detailed consultataion and taking time for each patient. Limited number of patients especially in cosmetic surgery.

- Boutique and private health care approach

- Support also in flight ticket, hotel, airport pick up services by our cooperation partners

- After surgery, after care and follow up by Assist. Prof Dr Esma Demirezen

- After surgery, repeated controls at the hospital by our surgeon on the same day, late in the evening and also weekends

- Contact via telephone, email to Assist Prof Dr Esma Demirezen

- At many centers you reach a secretary who refers your informations, makes translations according to need and during this chain transfer of informations, important informations can get lost and lead to misunderstandings

- We believe in the unqiueness of each person which have to be considered also in tretament planing, thefore we do NOT sent standart information letters.

- After surgery, during recovery from the anesthesia patients are under close follow up of Assist Prof Dr Esma Demirezen

- In allone travelers, our team member is accompanying the patient in the patient room especially after the first hours from the surgery on the waking up process  

- Repeated controls are done after hospital discharge, ccording to need control visits are also done at the hotel

- There is NO stage where the patient is without any support by our team

- Our patients are also our guests

- Even after return our patients can reach us anytime by email,  telephone an deven face to face meetings during our London and Cologne visits 


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