PRP (Natural Filler, Rich Plasma)

PRP cell therapy is one of the most interesting non surgical methods in plastic surgery since 2010

Nowadays its very common and preformed either alone or in combination with a surgery like fatt filling or in combination with other non surical methods like botox, fillings or Derma Roller (micro needling)

In summary PRP (stem cell theraphy) a tube of blood is taken from the person with a special kits, seperated to its part, the richest part is firstlt taken an injected in the desired or most problematical areas to reach maximum effect

The PRP (stem cell) treatment is successfully applied in different situations;

1. For aesthetic purposes on face, neck, décolleté, hands, legs inside etc. Face and body parts provides lifting and strech

2. Supports collagen production, increase skin's elasticity and skin quality

3. Effective in facial spots (sun spots, age spots, birthmarks) treatments  

4.  Effective in acne and acne scars

5. Supports the skin reconstruction after Laser-peeling (peeling skin)  

6. Improvement of skin wrinkles which develope as a result to long term ultraviolet rays, removal of debris, gain of flexibility and shiny skin

7. To support healing of resistant wounds (diabetic wounds etc.)

8. To improve hair beauty and avoid hair loss and also to support the new hair roots after hair transplant

9. Effective also in arthrosis, joint injuries and also sports injuries and accelerate recovery

How often should the PRP Application Be?

A health, shinny colour is seen after the PRP

Following administration of PRP reveal a healthy glow on the skin, repated session 3-4 times after 15 days and after theses sessions additional sessions after 10 – 12 months will support a more permanent, rejuvenating effect.


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