Chemical Peeling  (under chemical peeling solutions)

Chemical peels removes the older skin, supports the collagen fibers which provide skin elasticity and renewal

As a result, it increases skin firmness and skin support skin refresh  

Whether you are suitable for chemical peeling is determined after a detailed examiantion

Chemical peeling is suitable candidates who …

- have wrinkels  

- skin damage from sun exposure

-  vertical lines on the Lip edge  

- "Crow's feet" lines around the eyes  

-  fine wrinkles on the eyelids

-  brown spots on the skin

- Acne or chicken pox scars  

There is no age limit for skin renewal it can be done at any age

During each skin session the procedure can go more deeper into the skin. According to the depthness of the procedure, skin healing time can differ. Superficial procedures heal more quick but in some casess need to be repeated

A more deeper skin renewal process can be combiend with a face lift or eye surgery under general anesthesia


Chemical Peel Treatment Process?

After the chemical peeling, followed by the healing process a shiny, bright, refresh, health skin comes up.

Chemical peeling solutions are used all over the face or also on a specific face area

Its possible "crow's feet" s wrinkels around the eye and also the vertical wrinkel lines around the mouth

Various agents are used chemical peeling, these are :


AHA solution: The most superficial peel is applied with fruit acids, also AHA (alpha hydroxy acid). Other varieties are Glycolic acid; in some cases even a single AHA session treatment is effektive to recah a more fresher, healthier, bright skin. Repeated sessions, however, improves the skin's texture. Fine wrinkel lines, brown spots, sun damages are also treated. It can be applied at home on a regular basis

The AHA chemical peeling does not require any anesthesia or sedation. After application on the face a feeling of tingling sensation can occur.


Trichloroacetic acid (TCA): Wrinkels, pigmentary changes are treated , its also effektive in skin blemishes. Its used on the face and also to body parts exposed to the sun and neck region.


After the Chemical Peel Procedure  

-          After the chemical peeling vaseline or skin skin protective cream is advised

-          In some cases, the skin is closed with bandages

-          Deep chemical peeling products, skin redness and swelling in different degrees may cause

-          Some bark development can b seen after the chemical peeling

-          It is important to clean skin after Cream

-          No shaving after the procedure

-          After 7-10 days, a renew in skin begins to appear.

-          After the first redness, 1-2 weeks and up to 1 month a rose colouring can stay

-          Make up can ne used to cover up for 1-2 weeks

-          For 1-2 weeks following the resurfacing chemical peeling procedure, strenuous exercise etc. should be avoided


After these treatments the treatment have to continue. Some special creams including acid can be used under control. This will support but due to the lower acid inside the development will not be significant to see


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