Botox is most well known in wrinkel treatment, its becoming also mpre commen in men. Agin and especially use of face mimics, gestures lead to developing of lines in certain regions. Botox is used on the eye area, forehead , its also used for eye brow lift .Although ist a well known method still some have fear of having unnatural, over-stretched, the prototype facial expression after botox. Done in experienced hands who focus on natural beauty this is a rare problem. Although the effects of Botox take 3-6 months, after injection it takes about 1 week to see the result. Botox success depends also depends on certain points which have to be considered before and after the botox procedure. These are:

- No alcohol 1 week before Botox, alcohol increases the risk of bleeding and bruising

- Aspirin and similar blood-thinning medications should not be taken

- Avoid use of non - steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs should 10 days of application, it also increases the possibility of bruising after treatment agents

- After botox remain in an upright position for 1-2 hours after the application, in this way the injected drug will stay at the desired points

- Do not forget to do the shown face excercises after the botox application of botox


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