Acne Therapy
Acne affects young people but in some cases it continues up to the 40’s ,

acne and the acne scars which are permanent affect the psychology of the person
Some try to cover these with make up and other products but this lead to other skin health problems

In summary acne is a dermatological health problem with infection of the oil secreting canals. This get closed  and a more harder structure like cysts, nodules can develope.

During the healing of these acne cysts some scars can develope.

Besides treating the acne, avoiding the development of scars is an important step.

Treating acne scars are much harder than treating the acne itself.

Acne seen mostly in face, cheast, and back.


Acne Scar Treatment?
Acne scar treatment methods is defined according to the individual needs. Either peeling like laser or grinding the dermabrasion. The main purpose is to make the skin smooth and peel the above skin structure and prepare the new fresh layer.
About 2-4 weeks after laser or dermassion the new  fresh skin can be seen.

Resurfacing methods can be carried out also during the active acne period.

with the upper cleaning and opening,the fluid inside the gland can also flow out.

These methods reach good results with high satisfaction


  • Dermabrasion

Dermabrasion is preformed with different kind of devices

These include a number of wire or steel brushes, abrasives or connected to the motor with aluminium oxide crystals with a compressed air system that Works etc.

Dermabrasion is prefered in facial scar treatment however, except for a scars like deep chemical peel products it is also prefered in reducing the lines around the mouth

Dermabrasion procedure is performed under local anesthesia, some sedation oral medications and according to the size , general anesthesia can also be prefered.


  • Laser

Laser light is used in skin and wrinkles treatments, skin stains, aging spots etc.

Before starting skin laser  treatment the suitability have to be defined
Among all laser methods Erbium laser is a new generation laser method.
It’s a highly sensitive laser method, it can easily define desired depth .

In chemical peels and dermabrasion its difficult to control the deepness

Erbium laser method makes it easy to control, avoid causing any burn and recah the highest rejuvenation effect
Erbium laser achieve different layers of the skin wrinkles, acne scars and lines

With the heat of this method collagen fibers and tissues in the lower layer are also heated an this stimulate the production of new cells and reach a antiagaing effect.


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