Founder,  aesthetic and medical coordinator (Assit Prof Dr Demirezen) have rich experience in Turkey  and abroad ( Germany, Norway, Hungary) as health professionals and university professor.

Each of our team members, well experienced experts have more than 20 years of experience in Turkey and abroad (Germany, England, Norway and Hungary)

All requests are answered by (Mrs)Assist Prof Dr Demirezen herself directly in English – German and Turkish languages.

Dr. Demirezen, born (December 1972) and grewn up in Leverkusen (NRW / Germany) , bilingual and bi cultural, lived in Germany for many years.  Guest university teacher experience at the Evangelische Fachhochschule (RWL) in Bochum, and work experience in 2003 - 2004 with Turkish immigrants at different primary health care centers in Bochum – Essen – Gelsenkirschen.

Detailed assessment and consultation, close follow-up, trust, professionalism, human-centered approach, individual needs based care, high patient satisfaction etc. Are some of our basic priciples

In light of these principle we make it easier to reach high standarts of cosmetic surgery, hair transplant for affordabel prices. 

With the first contact, planning process, consultation you will experience the effects of German discipline and mentality, however in treatment and patient care in professional hands a more “Humanistic” individual need based approach will witness

Dr.Esma is active in all the process, even in the selection of materials. We only use high standarts of high quality materials, prothesis /implantats , no low quality or  second hang prothesis / implants. This is out of question. We do not use anything we would not apply to our own body.

Our Mission: Respond at the highest level to patients request

Our Vision:  To be known as the most reliable and professional team in this area

Our Principles: 

- Trust

- Professionalism

- Quality

- Human-oriented services

- High standard of health services

- Respect for people

- Effective communication

- Team work

- Information sharing

- Continuous improvement

- Culture-oriented service delivery


To reach high standards of medical care from experienced hands please get in contact with us diretly in English – German or Turkish languages.  Translators in other languages are also availabel when needed.


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