FUE is the abbreviation of “Follicular Unite Extraction”.

Hair follicles are removed from scalp in units using a micro motor equipped with special punch tips with a diamater of 0.6-0.7 without any incision marks and stitches.

Follicles are transplanted by specialists to the new opened hair channels.

It leaves no visibel marks at the donor area 

Follicular units (grafts) are removed from the head back area and side parts of scalp and from the chest area if necessary and transplanted in the area wished to have hair.

Done under local anesthesia. It is a stitch-free, painless method that does not leave any marks on the skin.

Up to 5500- 6000 graft transplantations (this number corresponds to about 12,000-13,000 strands) can be performed in one session.


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